Obama’s visit will not promote peace

Obama’s visit will not promote peace

Press Release

With the planned visit of the President of the United States, we do not turn to Obama – we do not expect him to change his policy. We turn to you, our sisters and brothers, inhabitants and refugees of this land, who are suffering from occupation, deportation and war, from racism and exploitation: Do not trust and do not expect anything from the dealers in occupation and war. We will bring peace, we, the victims of the regime and its opponents, in our struggle for justice and freedom, despite their malice.

For decades they propagate illusions about the “peace process” – a process of dialogue between the rulers of the region under US Hegemony – which only aims at crisis management by those who profit from the continued occupation and war. This process allows the world to turn a blind eye to the existence of an apartheid regime that prevents Palestinian refugees to returning to their homeland, denies the rights of Palestinian Arab inhabitants, and maintains political and ethnic segregation and racial discrimination.

While Netanyahu and Obama talk about renewing the “peace process”, the American weapons industry continues to arm at full speed various regimes while Netanyahu is preparing the next war. Attack on Iran? Israeli intervention in Syria? A killing spree in Gaza? Either way, the inhabitants and refugees of this country and the people of this region will pay the price with blood.

All the country’s inhabitants pay the price of occupation and oppression, wars and militarization, directly and indirectly. The struggle for a just and lasting peace begins with the struggle for equal rights for all: for the return of Palestinian refugees, for the removal of the occupation, the elimination of discrimination in all its forms, and for social rights and concern for each person.

We, the residents of this land who want to live in freedom and democracy with equal rights for all – in our unity and struggle we will destroy the apartheid regime, smash the walls of separation, bring peace, return the Palestinian refugees to their homeland and establish the new society.

Full and equal rights for all are the basis

of living together in one country

Peace can be achieved by popular struggle against the occupation and the rule of racism and exploitation

Yaffa Group for One Democratic State

Jaffa, March 17, 2013


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